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Swedish Massage
Back Neck Shoulder Massage

During a back, neck, shoulder massage, our therapists concentrate on the muscles in those specified areas. Massage therapists designed this treatment to help you find relaxation and lowered tension in the back, neck and shoulders.

Benefit from back, neck, shoulder massage

Decrease stress, increase relaxation

- It relieves muscular tension and pain in the neck and shoulders

- It improves the elasticity of the skin and the muscles

- It can also stimulate spinal nerves

- It increases blood circulation to the areas being massaged

- Eliminates toxins.

Our massage therapists apply this treatment with acupressure to both sides of the spine and along the lower back, moving up towards the shoulders and neck. You will quickly feel the positive benefits of your massage as it is great for anyone whose upper back and neck holds a lot of tension.

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Back neck shoulder massage